Multi Modal Transport



We provide assistance in state trade logistics. For shipping and receiving logistics, we manage the paperwork and documentation. Our goals are to ensure that a company's goods are shipped safely and arrive on time. Everything from cargo manifests to insurance claims will be handled by us, and we'll even transport things on internal bills of lading. We handle all business transactions between the buyer and the seller.



We ensure that goods are delivered in a timely and convenient manner to our consumers. All documentation, including the Airway Bill, insurance, and trade financing, is handled by us. Special conditions for transporting goods, such as temperature control, specific air conditions, or protective casing, are maintained as needed. We ensure that your shipment is closely monitored by security, ensuring that there is no risk of cargo theft or damage. We ensure that your goods arrive and depart on time.



We maximize our customers' satisfaction by providing the appropriate service at the right time. Import and export customs clearance services include HSN classification, duty rates, bill of entry preparation, customs clearance procedure, delivery to the destination, and more. We also handle the creation of shipping invoices, drawback categorization, goods receipt, customs clearance labeling, and customs examination. We assist our customers with purchase order, contract, invoice, and packing list documentation to ensure that the documents are compatible with Indian customs for proper categorization and clearance.