Terms & Conditions

Vishwanand Ventures is a Company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India with an aim and object to provide duly all the services in relation to freight forwarding and transportation at the international market.
This website shall only be used for the purposes of General references and knowledge regarding the company and with regard to the services provided by us during the time being in force. However it shall be your duty to communicate to the officials with regard to any specific query before initiating the business. The Company takes no responsibility of any loss of Profit, Goodwill, repute etc. due to the information or any part of the website.
By using the website you accept and agree the terms and conditions as laid down by the Company from time to time as are herein below:

1. Agreement to use this site.

By using this website or any other website of the company relating to Viswanand Ventures, you accept the terms and conditions alongwith the privacy policy as well as give all the authority along with the collection and storage of the Data as provided by you in this website.

2. Eligibility to use this website

By visiting, using and surfing this website you shall be under the Jurisdiction of all the Laws of India as time being in force. You accept that you are eligible to enter into a Contract according to the provisions of Indian Contract Act, 1872.

3. Intellectual Property

Everything and anything provided in this website including Audio, Video, Audio-Video Visuals, GIFs etc. by the Company is strictly protected under the Indian Intellectual property laws including the Trademark Act as well as the Copyright act. Any copying, stealing, imitating, modifying, altering etc. shall strictly be looked into and the person or the entity shall be prosecuted lawfully.

4. Services

The Company mainly deals with international Logistics as well as product import and export inclusive accepting the Consignment till clearing of the Customs (as the case maybe) if it is expressly agreed by the Company over E-mail. The Company reserves all the rights to alter the business, website, services, system of working, line of working etc.

5. Amendments

The Company reserves all the rights to alter, modify, change and delete any or every part of the terms and conditions as may be deemed fit from time to time.

6. Contracts

No Communication on this website shall be termed as a valid contract unless expressly accepted by the Company through E mail.The Company takes no responsibility of the parties construing anything upon the website to be an offer or an invitation to offer or open offer. Each and every business is to be dealt specifically via E mail along with the Acceptance of both the parties.

7. Quotations

The company reserves all the rights to change the quotations from time to time and also to reframe and continue with the formal communication upon E Mail. The Quotation shall not be treated as a contract unless the same has been acknowledged by the Company via formal Communication.

8. Execution of the Agreements and contacts with the Company

The Company aims and targets to provide a full proof service to the however does not guarantee and shall not be liable for the below mentioned;
     • Your loss of profits or revenue due to the contact.
     • Business interruption due to the delivery of shipment.
     • Loss of opportunity, goodwill or reputation due to delay or any other reason.
     • Any direct or indirect loss or damage to the Shipments and business.

9. Compliance

     • General

This Site shall be strictly used and by you in strict compliance of all the rules and regulation as well as decency and for a lawful purpose in addition to the fact that all the laws prevailing India at the time being in force shall be strictly adhered to and followed by you in a manner that it in no way directly or indirectly affects to the goodwill as well as reputation of the Company.

     • Legality of the Object

The term “Legality of the object” strictly mean the object for which the services of the Company are sought for shall be legal and shall also include the bonafide use of yours pertaining to the Contents of this website.

     • Indemnity

You agree to hold the company as well as each and every party connected to the Company from all the losses and damages occurred to the shipment along with the loss of repute, goodwill and profits and losses of your business.

10. Jurisdiction

All the disputes with this Company shall strictly fall within the Jurisdiction of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. All the matters arising out of the terms as well as any Contract between the Company and other Parties.

11. Complaints and Grievances

All the Complaints and Grievances shall be brought to the notice of the Company via E Mail or any means provided under “CONTACT US” Section.

12. Miscellaneous

     • Wavier

All the terms and Conditions of this website alongwith the Communication added by the company via E Mail shall be followed in “AS IS” manner and due to no reason whatsoever the terms and Conditions be waived.

     • Terms and Conditions to be Construed in entirety

The terms and Conditions of this Website shall be Applicable to everyone on this website including anyone doing business with the Company and in case where any part of the Terms and Conditions when held invalid by the Court of Law, the other parts of the Agreement shall survive.

     • Changes and deletion of this Website

The Company reserves all the rights to alter, modify and delete any part of this website temporarily or permanently without prejudice to the Contracts between the Companies and other parties.

     • Consumer

For the purposes of this company or any business through the Company you shall not fall within the Ambit of the definition of “Costumer” or “Consumer”. The Company shall strictly be treated as an Agent for logistics purposes and not otherwise.

     • Outsourcing

Outsourcing shall be a part and parcel of the Company and shall be the lookout of the Company. Work sources and the information as well as execution of the Contract between the parties shall be purely taken care of by the Company and the Parties shall not investigate into the same.

     • Billing

Billing and other monetary transactions may vary from party to party and shall be construed to be the same as mentioned in the E Mail by the Company.
In case of default of the payment, the provisions of Indian Contract Act, 1872 shall apply.

     • Other Services

For the purposes of availing other services you shall talk directly to the Company and for all the services required by you shall be communicated by the Company via E Mail only. Specific queries shall be particularly dealt by you in the E Mail.

     • Note

The services provided by the Company are strictly for the Logistics and the company shall not be responsible for any loss, damage etc. The Company shall strictly act and be treated as an Agent.

*Visit to the website shall be considered to be acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and the mentioned Terms & Conditions shall be strictly binding irrespective of Country and Purpose of visit.